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You can become Musically famous on your favorite social media by showing your passion towards music. is not just a simple social network but a handy platform to showcase your skills in music. Any user can be Musically famous on this app, but they need to be vigilant in creating and uploading music videos. This is the time when you have to show your creativity and brilliance. I will give you some suggestions here to create good and attractive videos for maximum exposure.

Musically Famous
Musically Famous

How to upload stunning videos to be Musically famous easily

  1. Choose trending songs only – There are always some trending songs such as Despacito, Shape of You, etc. Create your videos based on such Musically popular songs of that time. This will not only give good reach to your videos but also will give you a good number of fans. This is because the users will keep watching the songs they like whenever they get a chance to. Therefore, your videos will get more views effortlessly. The number of Musically likes you get on your videos will show you the popularity you can get from those videos.
  2. Get an HD camera for shooting – Yes, the video quality matters a lot in fetching the viewers. As you can see, the low-quality videos might not have a lot of views. But, the videos that shot on good HD camera have a higher number of views. You can also notice that all the featured videos on have higher video clarity. This indicates that admins do feature only watchable videos that were shot on HD cams.
  3. Create maximum fun – Yes, it’s also essential for better view counts. People will watch funny content again and again. They may share it with their friends and family also if they think their loved ones would love to watch them. You might have seen that the featured videos are fun to watch. Create similar videos and include silly fun elements to make others smile. That smile can be converted into likes, comments, and shares.

The quality of the videos one user posts on their profile decides how Musically popular they can become in this application. So, your primary intention must be to upload higher quality videos. You can promote your videos in the following ways to become more Musically famous in no time.

Ways to promote your Musically videos

  1. Share on social medias – First of all, this is the best idea to get the targeted audience on your videos. Share your videos maximum on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others. For this, you need to have a higher number of Musically followers and friends on these social sites. Add as much as people daily from the users of the same interest. This will improve your views quickly, and that will help you get more likes and fans.
  2. Send emails to your friends and family with your video links – Have a mail list with a lot of email IDs. This can include your friends, family members, colleagues, etc. In the email, ask them to please watch and share with their friends. This way, you’re getting more number of views but again, don’t create crap videos because people won’t share them with anyone.
  3. Follow others on daily – You may follow 50-100 people a day because most of them will follow you back. This is a simple way to get some fans easily, and this will result in an increment in the video views.
  4. Do ‘Like’ others’ videos – Hit the ‘Like’ of others’ videos and then they will come to your profile to ‘Like’ your videos. 50-60% of the users will like back if they get likes from unknown users. It’s another nice way of getting Musically famous because you’re getting the attention of other famous users.

To conclude, it all depends on your passion towards music and your skills in creating excellent videos. Then, you can quickly become Musically popular by following the methods explained above. If you have any other suggestions or doubts, just drop them in the comment box below and let’s have a debate on them. Thank you for reading, and I wish you good luck with Musically.

Musically Featured Account Without Wasting a Lot of Time

Normal beginner users might have to wait months or sometimes years to get their Musically featured. Otherwise, they have to upload music videos of outstanding quality that can impress the editors’ panel of the app. They’re the guys who give out the green signal for the ‘Crown’ which is the label of a featured account. You can see that every featured profile will have a symbol of the crown on the top of their avatar on the app. Those people must have worked their heart off to get to that level for sure. So, the right way to get your Musically page, a Crown is producing exceptional videos by using all of your skills.

You must work hard for that because is a great platform to enhance your skills. You’re getting the global audience to witness your music videos and they will rate your creations based on various things. Don’t hesitate to buy a gadget like a smartphone or a tablet with a great camera. That will help you create videos of good picture and sound quality. Most people will ignore videos of low quality, moreover, even you will not enjoy a low-quality video, right?

This is a tutorial about getting Musically featured and the crown for a page

Let’s leave all these things as they are facts that cannot be changed by you or me. But we can find alternate ways to get your page on Musically featured with a crown. For that to happen, you don’t really need to spend a lot of time or money as well. What I’m coming to point out is about using hacks or cheats. Yes, it’s a good alternative to using hacks for featuring your account when the real method is time-consuming and is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some website

Some websites do really well on this task and one of them is CodePen’s cheat method which works well on the server. You don’t need to bother about configuring the hack and all. That’s because we have set up all these things for you. This will receive your username as the input and will start the crown-assigning job as soon as a thread has been activated by our server for the same task. The job will take maximum five minutes and the result you can see live in the log also. The success ratio of this server is 90% which means that 9 out of 10 users get their Musically featured without any further verification.

If your try fails at the first attempt, try again with the same username and see how it goes. All links are given on top of this article to find them easily. Shoot it now!

How to Get Musically Followers Without Surveys | Fans Hack

Access Followers Hack!
The title seems too unusual for you, right? That’s because getting Musically Followers without any types of surveys is rare these days. There are hundreds of sites that offer hacks for followers, but most of them will ask you to complete surveys in the name of human verification. Though this is not a good practice, it needs in these circumstances where a lot of spamming bots are roaming around the internet. So that, you should have to cooperate with us by downloading a free app to prove that you’re not just a robot! Then we can serve you better with the best website for hacking followers for any of your pages.

Seeing the latest facts about in 2017, even the kids in 2nd grade are using this application. Their parents may or may not be aware of this, but it must be noticed. This is all because is such a great app to spend time. A 14-years old boy named Jacob Sartorius also proved that this app could be used for accelerating someone’s dreams by becoming a star on Yes, he might be the first user who might become a famous pop star by having lots of followers uploading videos on Musically.

That is one of the lots of stories about people getting popular by having thousands of Musically followers on their page. Moreover, other than having fun, you could use this platform to be famous like celebrities. Have a try, who knows if you are the next pop star like Justin Bieber who rules the pop world. For that, you’ll need plenty of followers by using any hack or cheat of Musically. You can enjoy the same fame if that hack works for your account. Fortunately, we have found such a hack that works perfectly. Your job is to use that hack properly, without committing any mistakes. Let’s see how can you make it out.

Hack to Get Followers For Musically – Explained

Here, we are going to explain to you how to get followers for your Musically account by using this hack. You should read through the sentences and do not make any mistake while doing this hack. Otherwise, you may have to come back here to put a negative comment saying “It doesn’t work” that lets us down. So that, let’s try to make it clear and clean which is the only way to avoid bugs.

Followers Hack Guide For Musically

To get started with the guide; first, you click on the above button. That is the link to the page where we have uploaded the hack program. There, you have to give two inputs; one is your Musically username, and the other is the number of followers you want. Don’t be so greedy, choose 10k followers first and see how it goes. If it goes well, come back and pick one million which is the highest number that you can pick. Don’t make the same mistake of putting ‘@’ before username which is already done by lots of users.

You are brilliant if that error didn’t happen for you. Now, follow the rest of the hack and finish it like a boss. Download a free app to prove that you are a human, and you’re done. Just check out your page after 15 minutes, and you’ll see the updated list of followers on your Musically page. Usually, this will happen within 5 minutes, but sometimes it may go up to 1 hour.

Hope you understood the things. Post your feedback below in the comments and let’s start discussing on that. We will stop only when you got enough followers for your Musically page. Have a good day.

Get Musically Likes on All Videos You Post | Hearts Hack

Access Likes Hack!

There will be no doubt on the statement that Musically is a great app to have fun with your friends. And enough Likes on all your videos on Musically is also very important. Try to engage with if you are feeling bored or don’t know what to do. Show your creativity to the world, select your favourite song and sing it with your lip sink. Add some cute dance steps to make it stunning. What else your fans will need from you? You’ll soon become addicted to Musically when you get likes and followers on your page!

Note the point! You should post stunning videos to get the attention of other Musers. Otherwise, you will have to use some hacks to get Musically Likes in a more easy way. This guide will show you how to get likes in steps. Research has proved that likes are crucial in social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Musically. People get stressed when they receive no likes for their posts. They think that people avoid them for no reason. This is seen mostly in young users. This situation will create serious health issues, and they may end up in illness, stress, etc. This is exactly why a parent filed a complaint against Musically to get it banned in Australia.

The complaint had pointed out serious issues regarding school children. That mother said that school going students behave like aged and they upload videos with vulgar dance moves. They create videos on their uniform showing private areas up to an extent. Therefore she points out that Musically should be banned as soon as possible. But we cannot say Musically must be banned. Instead, we should teach our children not to expose their body to the public. They should not post vulgar videos at all. When all these rules are followed, Musically is such a great platform to have fun.

Musically Likes Hack – Guidance For Beginners

You are advised to read the entire guide very carefully before running this hack. Missing one point will make this to fail, and you may end with nothing. This is a simple Musically Likes Hack that gives loads of free likes for your page. You will get a lot of notifications when people start liking your videos. There is a small heart icon that indicates the like button. People have to click on that button to make a ‘like.’ You get notified for every click on your dashboard. You can also disable this feature on your settings which are easy to do. Now let’s see how it does the job.

Guide to Get Free Musically Likes

First of all, click the above button to get the hack’s page. We have just designed a page where we have set the Likes hack up and running. You can see the same in the above link. You may submit your username in the box and start the hack. You only need to do this, and we do all the rest.

What Does The Hack Do?

Oh, you want to know the inner side, right? Well, the hack will first connect to the servers of It has to connect successfully before taking likes from other users. You may have to try again if you get an error saying ‘Connection Failed.’ It fetches the users one by one up to the number of likes you have chosen to receive. Finally, it delivers all the likes to the username provided in the beginning. That’s it.

We have tried to make this guide to get Musically likes simple and easy to understand. If you are stuck with any confusions or doubts, don’t keep it. Just shoot it by posting as a comment below. We’re always available online for you. Thanks for the read.

Musically Crown to Feature Your Account and to Get Fame

How to get Musically Crown

Steps to get your Crown ->

  1. Click on the pink color button above.
  2. Run the hack.
  3. Check your page.
  4. Thank me later.

Most users want to get Musically Crown to feature their account so that they can enjoy tremendous fame on app. And they want it without doing the human verification. That might be the reason for why you’re here right now reading this article. We have helped hundreds of mUsers to get their featured with a cute Crown. That is not hard for us because we’re in this field for more than five years. Our first project was on creating hacks for Instagram, and now we’re into the Musically app.

A ‘Crown’ featured account can offer you tremendous opportunities on Musically. That can give you thousands or even millions of free followers, and loads of Musically likes on your videos if you use the chance right. Don’t spam your account with a lot of music videos of low quality. That will make the things worse than earlier. What you’ve got to do is to create videos that can fetch the eyes of other users. Then things will become easier for you. You can also read some useful tips on improving your Musically if you are weak on it. If creating quality videos are tough for you, then read on to the below-mentioned steps to get the Crown in less than twenty minutes.

Steps to Get Musically Crown in Short Time

Read each step carefully and understand what you’re going to do. This is a simple but powerful method that proved as working for 99% of users of Musically. The rest 1% were careless so that they failed to complete it successfully. You’re going to get the real ‘Crown’ after finishing it with a green signal! Start with the first one –

  1. Go to this page now. Wait for the page to load completely. This is to load all the scripts of hacks so that everything will run as expected.
  2. Carefully type your username in the text box. Avoid the ‘@’ character when typing because that’s not required. If you include it, that will end up in error in the hack.
  3. Just tap the Run Hack button designed in a beautiful green colored style. That will start the process of assigning the Crown and featuring of Musically.
  4. Verify that you’re not a robot by filling the captcha. Please note that sometimes captcha won’t be available. At that time, you will need to download free apps to complete the verification. It won’t take more than five minutes.

Now, you’ve completed the process successfully. You’d get your Musically Crown within twenty minutes if you did the things well. Some users are complaining that they fail to get it. That might be because of the following two reasons.

Things to Take Care of While Running This Method

  1. Usage of ‘@’ in the username – I have clearly written that you should not use this symbol. That will break the hack code and will end up in error. We’re trying to fix this bug by automatically removing the ‘@’ as soon as when a user puts this onto the text box. That will eliminate this error forever.
  2. Robot verification failed – Please understand that the internet is full of bots that spam the web with their sh*tloads. We don’t want to allow them to inject their spam codes onto our websites. Therefore, we have to block them somehow, and that’s why we are forcing you to complete this human verification process. We know your inconvenience, and we assure you that we’ll find a new way soon. Please cooperate until that!

How much time will it take to receive the Crown?

It may take up to 6 hours depending on the workload the server has at the moment you do the hack. You may get it within 30 minutes if there are only a few people online at that moment. Our servers are powerful to handle the users but assigning Crown is done by Musically itself. Therefore, this can take more time depending on the number of online users.

NOTE – Don’t try any other Crown hacks at the time you are running our hack. Because this will make servers confused, it might create problems on your account. You may lose your account too sometimes. So that, never use any other sites before 6 hours of doing our hack. This is because team will think that you’re doing something fishy on their servers and will block your account. Playing safe is the best solution for this, as I told earlier. This is for the betterment of your account.

Just think of the time when you become the king by having a Musically Crown. Then your haters will become your fans, they will ask you for shoutouts, they will share your videos with their friends and more. How much awesome it would be? Since music is a weakness for most people, this method will work in 99% of the cases. We have tried to make this guide simple and understandable. Hope you are not messed up with it. Just try this and let’s know how it goes. Thanks for reading.

How to Get Musically Crown, Likes and Followers

Well, the popularity that the Musically app gets now clarifies that this will be the next Instagram. When IG has pics and video sharing platform, the Musically is to upload music videos. It’s just like a ‘dubsmash’ app where the users create their ‘dubsmash’ music videos and upload them for likes and followers. The better the quality of these videos, the higher will be your followers.

We had a thorough research on Musically app and found that most of the newbie users are struggling to get likes and followers. Since newbies have no followers in their initial stage at Musically, they hardly get any likes. That creates stress on most of the new users when seeing other famous users having hundreds of likes and thousands of followers. They also want to become famous, but how? The answer is simple. You must get the Crown! Yes, a Musically Crown is the feature that you must have on your account. Everything will be easy and fast to you when your account gets featured with a Crown.

The unspoken truth behind most of the ‘Crown’ed profiles in Musically is that they used a hack to get it done. Only a few of them verified their profiles manually. Rest of them were lucky to get a cheat for this feature, and they are all stars on Musically now. Thinking of getting those hacks for you too? Then read on to the below sections where we discuss all Musically hacks that are available and working right now. Click on the title link to run the particular hack.

All Musically Hacks Explained Below

  1. Crown Hack – The Crown is the important feature you must have as I said earlier. You can easily get lots of likes and followers if your account is Crown Featured. That just means that your account is necessary to and therefore all your videos get more reach. Therefore more people will see your videos and they will like and put comments also. They may re-post also if they are stunning. Your target should always be to create good quality videos that attract other users in the first view itself.
  2. Followers Hack – After you got the Crown, the next is to have some quick followers. We have got a working Followers Hack for your page. This hack is unique, and you will fall in love with it soon. The reason is that you can generate up to one million fans using this hack. No other tools are providing this much of fans for their users. These are real active followers who will like and comment on your posts. Other sites may offer Dummy Fans which will not add any value to your page. Unlike that, this hack generator is just mind blowing in delivering active fans. Give it a shot right now!
  3. Likes Hack – This hack is not a must to have if you have got real followers using the second tool that I have discussed above. Those users may like, comment and re-post your videos. However, you can use this hack if you want some quick likes up to 10,000 on your posts. It doesn’t work like Instagram likes hack where you can give the post URL to get likes. Its working method is that, if you select 10k likes, this hack will check out the number of posts you have on your Musically page and then it will distribute those total likes equally to all of your videos. Too interesting to test it out, right? Go test it out!

NOTE: Run all the hacks in between the days for safety. Running all of them on a single day looks spammy and may end up in suspension of your Musically. Our suggestion is to run any one of the hacks today, then use the second one tomorrow and the last one on day after tomorrow. That will create no issues to your account, we promise that. Have a good day folks!