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You can become Musically famous on your favorite social media by showing your passion towards music. is not just a simple social network but a handy platform to showcase your skills in music. Any user can be Musically famous on this app, but they need to be vigilant in creating and uploading music videos. This is the time when you have to show your creativity and brilliance. I will give you some suggestions here to create good and attractive videos for maximum exposure.

Musically Famous
Musically Famous

How to upload stunning videos to be Musically famous easily

  1. Choose trending songs only – There are always some trending songs such as Despacito, Shape of You, etc. Create your videos based on such Musically popular songs of that time. This will not only give good reach to your videos but also will give you a good number of fans. This is because the users will keep watching the songs they like whenever they get a chance to. Therefore, your videos will get more views effortlessly. The number of Musically likes you get on your videos will show you the popularity you can get from those videos.
  2. Get an HD camera for shooting – Yes, the video quality matters a lot in fetching the viewers. As you can see, the low-quality videos might not have a lot of views. But, the videos that shot on good HD camera have a higher number of views. You can also notice that all the featured videos on have higher video clarity. This indicates that admins do feature only watchable videos that were shot on HD cams.
  3. Create maximum fun – Yes, it’s also essential for better view counts. People will watch funny content again and again. They may share it with their friends and family also if they think their loved ones would love to watch them. You might have seen that the featured videos are fun to watch. Create similar videos and include silly fun elements to make others smile. That smile can be converted into likes, comments, and shares.

The quality of the videos one user posts on their profile decides how Musically popular they can become in this application. So, your primary intention must be to upload higher quality videos. You can promote your videos in the following ways to become more Musically famous in no time.

Ways to promote your Musically videos

  1. Share on social medias – First of all, this is the best idea to get the targeted audience on your videos. Share your videos maximum on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others. For this, you need to have a higher number of Musically followers and friends on these social sites. Add as much as people daily from the users of the same interest. This will improve your views quickly, and that will help you get more likes and fans.
  2. Send emails to your friends and family with your video links – Have a mail list with a lot of email IDs. This can include your friends, family members, colleagues, etc. In the email, ask them to please watch and share with their friends. This way, you’re getting more number of views but again, don’t create crap videos because people won’t share them with anyone.
  3. Follow others on daily – You may follow 50-100 people a day because most of them will follow you back. This is a simple way to get some fans easily, and this will result in an increment in the video views.
  4. Do ‘Like’ others’ videos – Hit the ‘Like’ of others’ videos and then they will come to your profile to ‘Like’ your videos. 50-60% of the users will like back if they get likes from unknown users. It’s another nice way of getting Musically famous because you’re getting the attention of other famous users.

To conclude, it all depends on your passion towards music and your skills in creating excellent videos. Then, you can quickly become Musically popular by following the methods explained above. If you have any other suggestions or doubts, just drop them in the comment box below and let’s have a debate on them. Thank you for reading, and I wish you good luck with Musically.

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