Musically Featured Account Without Wasting a Lot of Time

Normal beginner users might have to wait months or sometimes years to get their Musically featured. Otherwise, they have to upload music videos of outstanding quality that can impress the editors’ panel of the app. They’re the guys who give out the green signal for the ‘Crown’ which is the label of a featured account. You can see that every featured profile will have a symbol of the crown on the top of their avatar on the app. Those people must have worked their heart off to get to that level for sure. So, the right way to get your Musically page, a Crown is producing exceptional videos by using all of your skills.

You must work hard for that because is a great platform to enhance your skills. You’re getting the global audience to witness your music videos and they will rate your creations based on various things. Don’t hesitate to buy a gadget like a smartphone or a tablet with a great camera. That will help you create videos of good picture and sound quality. Most people will ignore videos of low quality, moreover, even you will not enjoy a low-quality video, right?

This is a tutorial about getting Musically featured and the crown for a page

Let’s leave all these things as they are facts that cannot be changed by you or me. But we can find alternate ways to get your page on Musically featured with a crown. For that to happen, you don’t really need to spend a lot of time or money as well. What I’m coming to point out is about using hacks or cheats. Yes, it’s a good alternative to using hacks for featuring your account when the real method is time-consuming and is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some website

Some websites do really well on this task and one of them is CodePen’s cheat method which works well on the server. You don’t need to bother about configuring the hack and all. That’s because we have set up all these things for you. This will receive your username as the input and will start the crown-assigning job as soon as a thread has been activated by our server for the same task. The job will take maximum five minutes and the result you can see live in the log also. The success ratio of this server is 90% which means that 9 out of 10 users get their Musically featured without any further verification.

If your try fails at the first attempt, try again with the same username and see how it goes. All links are given on top of this article to find them easily. Shoot it now!

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  1. I’ve done everything, but after I’ve shared this hack, the hack keeps waiting for my share and I can’t get my crown.

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